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Shipping & Delivery

Orders are shipped on Monday or Tuesday.  ALL ORDERS ARE SHIPPED VIA USPS PRIORITY EXPRESS ONLY.

Payment is due prior to shipping.  The MAXIMUM number of chicks that we will ship in a box are 12.  If you order more than 12, we will ship your order in separate boxes with the chicks divided evenly between the boxes.  IMPORTANT:  You will be charged a shipping fee for EACH box required to ship your chicks. 

You will receive the tracking number by email and ETA when the birds are shipped.

To ensure the speediest shipment, all shipped chicks are carried to a USPS hub in Raleigh. 

Unfortunately, the USPS Priority Express does not guarantee OVERNIGHT delivery of chicks. 

1, 2, or 3-day delivery depends on your zip code location. 

Please contact your local post office and alert them of the expected delivery. 

Chicks will be held at your local post office for you to pick up.  We encourage you to track your shipment progress.

Since we are dependent on USPS for delivery, we DO NOT refund shipping,

if your delivery does not arrive by the estimated delivery date.

The 72-Hour Live Chick Guarantee will reimburse you for any chicks that die within

72 hours after their arrival. 

72-Hour Live Chick Guarantee:  A MINIMUM of six chicks is required for a shipping order. 

Thornfield Poultry guarantees receipt of the same number of chicks ordered, unless otherwise agreed upon,

and their survival for 72 hours after you receive them. 

We strongly recommend you take a photo of your received chicks as soon as you pick them up. 

Please contact us immediately (no later than 72 hours after the receipt of your birds) via and at 919-302-5921, if any chicks are dead upon arrival. 

Unfortunately, we do not replace deceased birds, but refund the value of the deceased birds.

A photo will be required to complete your refund.

Pullet or Adult Bird Pick Up:  We do not ship purchased pullets or adults. 

They must be picked up in person at a pre-arranged time at the entrance to our farm or a coordinated location.

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