When customers are purchasing hatching eggs, they deserve for those eggs to arrive intact and viable.  We shipped last year with foam shippers, but had problems with eggs still getting broken during shipping.  So we decided to design our own.  Each 10" x 10" x 3" foam shipper is machine-tooled form a soft, yet dense foam, providing excellent accuracy, consistency, and protection.  Our foam shippers are cut to allow 14 eggs to be shipped. We like to include an extra egg for every six purchased!  Our design also includes four central holes cut slightly larger than the other ten, just for those few larger eggs.  Regular eggs will generally still work in these larger holes too.


We have had reports of outstanding hatch rates from eggs shipped in our foam shippers.  One customer had 14 of 14 eggs hatch!!  Others have had 13 of 14 hatch.  While I believe in the quality of our eggs, I fully believe these outstanding hatch rates are due to our foam shippers and how we package them.


Packaging is just as important as the foam shippers.  We use 12" x 12" x 12" boxes, because they ship for nearly the same cost as smaller boxes of the same weight, and we surround the foam shipper with organic packing peanuts.  We have successfully shipped up to two shippers in one 12" x 12" x 12" box by putting a thin layer of peanuts on the bottom, a thinner layer of peanuts in between the shippers, and a layer of peanuts on top to cover.


We leave the foam cut-out inside each hole, because we have found that the most effective way to ship eggs is to pull each foam cut-out halfway out of its hole and cut it off.  What is left inside the hole becomes the bottom of the hole and provides added padding for each egg.  When it comes time to remove the eggs, gently push up from the bottom on the foam insert until the egg can be easily removed from the top.


We hope you will give our foam egg shippers a try.  We can't guarantee you won't have shipped eggs get cracked or broken, but we know your shipping outcomes are bound to improve . . . and so will your customers, once they know about the care you put into shipping your eggs!


And if you are BUYING shipped eggs, purchase our foam shippers and send them to your source to use to ship your eggs!  Fertile eggs can be EXPENSIVE.  Why not get something to improve your hatching odds and reduce the risk of receiving scrambled eggs that are no longer viable?  Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for your specific incubator and limit the number of times your 'visit' your eggs to see if anything is developing.

Foam Egg Shipper

  • Due to biosecurity concerns, all sales are final. 

    Because we are not responsible for the actual packing of the shipper foam or the package handling during shipping, we do give refunds.