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To help ensure the safe arrival of your birds when they are to be shipped, we REQUIRE A MINIMUM PURCHASE OF SIX CHICKS.


We hand-select hens and roosters based on adherence to general and breed/variety-specific Standards of Perfection.  These small flocks are then isolated for breeding purposes. We then incubate their eggs, without regard to their color.  This procedure is done on a per order basis, so your eggs and resulting chicks will be produced just for you.


While growing in popularity, Marans chickens are still not common in the United States. They originated in France and were introduced in the United States in the 1930s.  Black Copper Marans lay exceptional eggs, rich in flavor and dark mahogany in color.  When hens hatch, they have a finite amount of pigment or coloring in their body, so as they age and continue laying, the color of the eggs lightens.  This does not affect the quality or superb taste of the egg. You can find a lot of information about Marans on the internet, but the following link is one we highly recommend: https://www.thehappychickencoop.com/black-copper-marans/ or click here.



#SOPC - BC Marans Chicks from Select Breeding for SOP (EGG COLORS VARY)

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    Orders are shipped on Monday or Tuesday via the United States Postal Service. You will receive the tracking number by email and a text message when the birds are shipped. To ensure the speediest shipment, all shipped chicks are carried to a USPS hub, either in Greensboro. Unfortunately, the USPS does not guarantee overnight delivery of chicks, which is why we will only ship chicks via Priority Express. 1, 2, or 3-day delivery depends on your zip code location. Please contact your local post office and alert them of the expected delivery. Chicks will be held at your local post office for you to pick up. We encourage you to track your shipment progress.


    Since we are dependent on USPS for delivery, WE DO NOT REFUND SHIPPING, if your delivery does not arrive by the guaranteed delivery date. The 72-Hour Live Chick Guarantee will reimburse you for any chicks that die within 72 hours after their arrival. 

  • Thornfield Poultry guarantees receipt of the same number of chicks ordered and their survival for 72-hour after you receive them. We strongly recommend you take a photo of your received chicks as soon as you pick them up. Please contact us immediately (no later than 72 hours after the receipt of your birds) via info@thornfieldpoultry.com and at 919-886-9441, if any chicks are dead upon arrival. Unfortunately, we do not replace deceased birds, but refund the value of the deceased birds. A photo will be required to complete your refund.

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